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The Center for the History of the New America aims to make the University of Maryland the hub for understanding the long immigration history of this country, from 1500 to the present, and its connections to world history.

The Center will provide a distinctive institutional home for interdisciplinary and trans-national research, for training faculty and students, and for distributing information about the history of the immigrant experience to a broad public.

If you are interested in the study, the teaching, and the politics of the long history of immigration from a global perspective and want to learn more about The Center for the History of the New America at the University of Maryland you are in the right place!

Title Date Topic Document Type Web Site
Immigrants Outside a Building on Ellis Island 1900-1930 (Early 20th century) Immigrant Processing Photograph view
Bill of Complaint 1921 January 7 Naturalization Official Document view
Wong Kim Ark's Departure Statement 1894 November 5 Travel from the United States Judicial Document view
Wong Kim Ark's Discharge 1896 January 3 False Imprisonment Judicial Document view
Affidavit and Flyers from the Chinese Boycott Case 1880s Economic Discrimintation Government Declaration view
Bracero Program 1962 Immigration Labor Newspaper Article page 1
page 2
DiGiorgio Strike 1960 July Immigrant Labor Government Document page 1
page 2
Ernst Hamann Interrogation 1917 June 4 Interrogation Government Document page 1
page 2
Ernst Hamann Letter 1917 September 28 German Enemy Aliens (WWI) Petition page 1
page 2
Greta Garbo 1948 September 9 Naturalization Official Document view
Immigrant List for S.S. Brasilia 1989 Passenger Lists Official Document view
Maria Von Trapp 1944 January 21 Naturalization Official Document view

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